Easy Parking Options

Believe it or not, parking is easy in Coral Gables. Plenty of metered parking, several valet stations and six garages are available with affordable rates. The pay-by-phone system makes it easy to add money to your meter via smartphone app, and if you park at any centralized valet station on Miracle Mile, you can pick up your car at any other Mile location, giving you a chance to sample as many stops along the way!

Where to Park

Metered parking is available throughout Downtown Coral Gables. If you plan to visit for more than a couple of hours at a time, we suggest parking in one of the many parking garages (refer to the parking map for locations and prices).

Credit cards are now accepted in most public parking lots & garages. Look for the locations in green on the map.

Pay by Phone system allows customers to simply pay for parking at a meter with their cell phones. Click here to sign up and download the mobile app.

Valet Parking

If you don’t want to worry about looking for parking, spare change or parking tickets, then use our convenient Centralized Valet Parking System on Miracle Mile. That means you can drop off your car at any station on the map, and when you’re done with your night, you can pick it up at the one closest to you! Valet parking costs $8 and is FREE for disabled patrons with permits.

Centralized Valet Stations:

  • In front of Tarpon Bend
  • Between Morton’s & Ale House
  • Between Hillstone’s & JohnMartin’s
  • Between Benihana & Ortanique
  • In front of Seasons52